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Hi Julianna, thank you for posting about your search! I know job hunting can be tough. In addition to posting that you're looking for opportunities, can you share a bit more about other strategies that you're currently using to find your next role? Are you networking? Joining other communities? Are you posting in LinkedIn?I ask because Iโ€™m sure other Elphas might be in the same boat and maybe thereโ€™s some strategies we havenโ€™t thought of that has worked. Thanks for your insights!
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Hi! During my jo hunt I've been working with a Career Coach, joining Slack communities, Volunteering so I can build my portfolio, email outreach, joining networking events and Facebook groups, using Huntr.co to track my job search and so on. If anyone wants to chat about job hunting strategies feel free to DM me! :)
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Hi Julianna, This is Paula Adelman and I would like to talk to you about my start-up App that targets the less tech savvy and older population. We are trying to make it easier to do social media using Voice and Text. We are starting to test on TestFlight but realize the importance of a UX design person who has experience with designing for the less tech Savvy. Would you be open to connecting with me? Thanks in advance. @PaulaAdelman
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Hey @PaulaAdelmanJust wanted to check if you are still looking for UX Design / Mobile Application Development Person.If yes, would be happy to connect and help.
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Hi Paula, Thanks for reaching out! Yes, I would love to connect, my email is hello@juliannarodriguezdolsen.com