Autism Screening Service

Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing well! I am a co-founder of a VC-backed healthcare startup, Neurona Health.

Neurona Health is a screening platform for early childhood development. Our initial use case is autism given the clear value of early intervention. Current pediatric workflows can sometimes miss autism and we aim to provide a comprehensive set of tools to catch signs early.

Currently our service involves a one time genetic test (whole genome sequencing), traditional autism screening tools (MCHAT-R), and telehealth visits with clinicians using a validated autism screening tool (TELE-ASD-PEDS). We hope that our service can augment existing pediatric workflows by helping detect signs of autism that might otherwise be missed in a typical well-child visit. We are advised by Dr. George Church, a serial entrepreneur and Professor of Genetics at Harvard, who has championed the idea of increasing genetic sequencing in the general population.

I would really appreciate it if you could check out our website and sign up for the waitlist if you are interested!

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@MerrellGuzman might be interested! She recently asked about such types of companies!
Thank you! I will reach out to her
Hey Sheela, do you have any actually autistic advisors as you build the product and service? I see that the website uses the phrase "with autism" repetitively, whereas identity-first language is most often the norm in the autistic community. You can take a stroll on Twitter, as an example, to see what I mean. This is likened to the idea that no one says, "I live with gayness" or "I live with femaleness."
Hi Melissa, thank you for your question! We currently do not have an autistic advisor but we are working with an autism consultant to look through our website and update the language. Neurona Health wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the autism community and really value all their support and actively listen to how we can do better.
That's great to hear! Even better if they're autistic and a true representative of the community.
Hi Melissa, yes our consultant is autistic. Thanks for following up!