PSA: Open Letter v. 0.0.0 | The Purpose-Led Pursuits of the Global Movement for Global Movements...

Amidst the Ever-Evolving Journey(s) to Arise Our Legacies.

Greetings, fellow Visionaries. This is open letter v. 0.0.0 to anyone this may resonate with. If it does not resonate with you, that is more than okay — full transparent disclosure: I acknowledge and recognize I am not for everyone, nor would I ever want or try to be. My narratives are also oftentimes convoluted and a bit too complex for the vast majority, but I am of the persuasion we should not censor ourselves and in the emulation of such, I have come to the conclusion that I must present my unabridged selves.

It has been overdue for me to contribute to Elpha, beyond my initial introductory post and a few selective responses I have provided to other members' posts. This is in part the reason behind taking this initial digital plunge, in additon to wanting to provide value to those who may be willing recipients.

We are Actively Experiencing the Dawn of the Age of Next-Gen Eras.

Whether skeptical or not, this is a factual statement with empircal evidence — it is objective to our own personal and professional perspectives... and it ironically requires a prospective mindframe to not only come to terms with accepting it, but to understand its myriad of implications, deductions, etc.

To those who choose and/or are elected to wield the responsibilities associated with these unrivaled frontiers, those who are forging and trailblazing their own unprecedented versions thereof, those who embody the visionary state-of-mind required to achieve signficiant, permanent local-to-Global impact, and so on and so forth: you are not alone. You got this. You were and are made for it. The world needs you, even if it is not aware of it yet or ever will be. The Universe and its enigmatic realities needs you.

TL;DR: We are on the cusp of new realities, regardless of whether these are met with skepticism or acknowledged with acceptance or any other option. To those who need a pick-me-up, continue forth:

It Indisputably Matters We Perservere, Exercise Persistence, and Reign Resiliency.

Understatement of centuries: it is beyond easy to lose sights of way too much in relations to all that is involved to enable and empower not only ourselves, but also others — whether this be our loved ones and family and/or collective strangers themselves.

I get it. I get it painfully and to degrees, extents, and depths I will not ever be able to adequately, succinctly articulate... which says something, because I have built my entire lifetime's career on the abilities to effectively communicate and write professionally (this expose is not intended to reflect such).

In considerations of the aforementioned dilemma, it is more imperative than ever before in the (un)known histories of intergalactic sentient species (yes, you and you and you are included in that) for us to take care of ourselves, of one another, of ALL of it, both internally and externally. This is irrefutable and not meant to be up for debate; it is an oftentimes much-needed reminder.

We cannot, should not, and will not do this on our own. Regardless of what your own personal and professional "this" is, well, that happens to be irrelevant in the meaning of this statement, as its intention is to encompass the Global collective together — in its eternal diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) thereof. While it is the absolute truth that one individual does have the potential to achieve insurmountable impact on their very own and this is to be heralded, that is besides the point.

The point is that they should not have had to be responsible for such in the beginning in the first place.

The point is that regardless of the cans and wills or will nots, if/when the "status quo" is shaken to its very core and redirects itself into more useful and meaningful applications — that is where we will understand this on a fundamental, molecular level that will be quintessential to achieving equal prosterity, opportunities, safety, and so on and so forth. All of these remarks lead to different conversations, though, for a later time... to get back on track, let's venture onwards.

TL;DR: It is inevitable to lose sight of what enables and empowers us (or others) at one point or another. What matters is reminding ourselves and others that we cannot, should not, and will not do this on our own. Not because it is impossible to do so, but because these narratives critically need to change.

How We Approach Our Futures Will Define What Becomes of the Future Itself.

If anyone ever spouts criticism otherwise, whether directly or indirectly, here is an additional reminder to not let it effect the present, do not let it define any part of you or others, do not let it pervade the momentum that is well established and underway, do not let it deter you from your own purpose-led pursuits and initiatives. Do not even give it the time of day or a reaction in and of itself. It is not worth it.

On the other hand, what is beyond worth it is to refine our collective approach to both our individual, personal, and professional futures and to those of others'.

Why? Because these approaches are what will come to define what becomes of the future itself — while it may not be able to be accurately predicted, the future is a representation of the cycles that repeat themselves (whether positive or negative), a reflection of history itself, and a coalition of the accumulation of the movements that matter the most to us, whether within and of ourselves or within and of others' selves.

Taking these into considerations at all times is what will "make or break" us into the most ultimate utopia or the most devastating dystopia... either one is inevitable (re: next-gen eras), though my personal and professional persuasions are that the realities underway presently will enable and empower the Globe into both the most ultimate utopia and the most devastating dystopia, at the very same time, as outlined in the Years of 3030 Paradox thoughts experiment proposed here (not required).

TL;DR: ... [entry Permanently Redacted, because this requires critical thinking and reading comprehension or otherwise its intended purpose is obsolete and moot by default].

Lesson of Our Lifetimes #E1337: WAGMI. Somehow. Probably Nothing...

The term 1337 is synonymous with the word "leet" which has a myriad of social meanings, but namely in this sense was a language that coders used to speak in to communicate with one another. The term WAGMI means, "We All Gonna Make It" and is primarily pervailing as a pick-me-up to the crypto, web3, decentralized, etc. movements, communities, etc. that have been, are, and will continue to be underway.

As for the probably nothing bit, well... it probably is nothing and this post may result to nothing, but if it touches even at least one soul, mind, and/or heart, then it was worth taking the effort to compose. If it doesn't, then it was still worth taking the effort to compose, because I needed to remind myself of these things myself either way.

Which is a gentle (final) reminder that even those who are in positions of leadership, even the voices of (authentic) authority within their respective fields, even the visionaries, even the everyone you could think of: we are not impervious to that which we choose to rise above. It is the act of rising above itself that differentiates us, not our malleable natures.

TL;DR: We All Gonna Make It (WAGMI) and while it is probably nothing, it means something anyway.

Collective Pursuits | The Global Movement for Global Movements (v. 0.0.0)

How are you, yourself, contributing to similar narratives hereof and why or why not?

As for me, while this is most 100% definitely not the intended purpose of this post, it is relevant for me to display and provide my own answer(s) to everything postulating up to the question of how and why or why not you are contributing to similar narratives... so, here is the first draft of my latest one-pager.

Note: it is entirely optional to review the drafted one-pager and is not expected, obligated, and/or any other variation thereof. It is intended to bolster this conversation and provide background as to why I am provoking it in the first place, otherwise the point, purpose, etc. of this unabridged mess is debtable.

TL;DR: Please feel free to share how you are engaging with, evaluating, and otherwise evolving our collective narratives in meaningful ways, whether recognized and acknowledged as such by external factors or only deemed as such by internal variables. Either way, credit is due where credit is due... and we must celebrate ourselves as much as we celebrate others, lest that loss of sight becomes too heavy.

Aha, oh my. I have not ever been this apprehensive, nervous, and otherwise questioned a contribution to a community before ever in my life. If this is at all inappropriate in any capacity and/or I have touched upon too many sensitive areas, please advise and I will immediately revise and resolve accordingly.

PS: I posted this in 10 different communities and am debating whether that is too many or what the acceptable amount of cross-posting is considered on this platform? The last thing I want is to be deemed a nuisance, but this does directly apply to each of the communities I included for their own respective reasons and I even took like 5-8+ other options off in order to not plague the site... #YOLO?

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Will read through this shortly! in the meantime re: "PS: I posted this in 10 different communities...", don't worry about this — our team of community managers will always take a look at the Communities you've shared and help add/remove as necessary!
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@teresaman this made me feel better in and of itself, thank you for reassuring me of such! I acknowledge that it is quite a long read and convoluted in its meanings thereof, so no obligation, expectation, etc. to read through... of course, would be appreciated, but I did not post with the idealization that it would be consumed by the minorities (of which I am one myself), let alone the majorities... just wanted to express and present it as an option to those who may be in need of the reminders. As for not worrying of the aforementioned in the meantime, again: it does make me feel better. I was at a loss as to which communities were most acceptable and/or best aligned for the messaging therein this post, but this relieved me of that. Thank you! Gratuitous of the heads-up. Hope you are having a blessed and wonderful evening and onward.