How to reclute the right Full Stack Developer for my App.

Hi amazing women,

I have a Fashion Design studies background & then I managed a Construction Company for 10 years. So I know nothing about tech. However 2 years ago I develope with a developers agency an App to generate jobs in my home Country (Mexico) as I found it the only way I could help living now in Netherlands.

It has been a very challenging path going to sometging completely new for me. But my biggest challenge now is that as much as the App is already on IOS and Android I dont see my developer agency having the capacity to make it 100% ready for a launching. plus the are just becoming more and more expensive. My question is... how do you suggest me to find a new Full Stack Developer and where, under what qualities?? ,( not agency) , that could take over the App Management when I know nothing about tech.... and how could I ensure that whoever take over is not keeeping / copying simply the code that has been done after 2 years of work? I read you...... Thanks in advance.!

The best places to find freelance developers are Upwork or Fiverr. The thing is you don’t get much oversight and there has to be a lot of trust. You have to basically go through a hiring process and there is a high risk of ending up with someone who might not be the right fit.Another great option is looking for another software development agency, one that specializes in the type of development you seek. It’s important to look at their portfolio of work and also their reviews on Clutch (you can also get a sense of their hourly rate).Si necesitas ayuda trabajo en Hattrick IT y nosotros nos especializamos en el desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles!
Gracias Maria, como puedo contactarte para checar posibles propuestas económicas de Hattrick IT?
Puedes escribirme por LinkedIn o enviarme un correo a [email protected]
Hello @erysanchezsevilla I would be happy to talk to you regarding mobile and web app development. You can contact me at [email protected]
Thank you so much Chitra, e-mail send !
Hello @erysanchezsevilla would be happy to talk to you regarding mobile and web app development. Can you please drop me an email at [email protected]
Thank you so much Monisha, e-mail send!