After a 3 year Hiatus, i am trying to rejoin the workforce but EVERYTHING has changed!

Three years ago I left my job to join my husband in a new country. I had already left my home country of South Africa to follow my dream of becoming a flight attendant (I know the stigma behind this but I truly wanted this since I was a child). I did that for 3 years based in the middle east before moving to Germany, not even 6 months into it, Covid19 happened.

I am now a journalist with no experience in the field living in a foreign country and not knowing where to start with this new journey. Any advice on jobs to apply for and what do I write on my CV?

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Hey Insaaf!I suggest compiling a PDF portfolio of your content. Employers will ask to see samples of your work. Even if you aren't getting paid for journalism, create your own content! This counts! Make sure the content you create is for topics you are passionate about or strong topics that are popular in a specific industry ie. crypto currency. I'm sure you've learned a lot during your time as a flight attendant that's helped you to grow as a journalist. Try and find areas of expertise in that, that relate to journalism and include that in your resume/CV. I hope this helps and give you some ideas!
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Hi @insaafmanuel ! I'm Rachel, a Career Coach ( - If you're seeking help in your job search let me know! (i.e. strengthening personal branding materials, effectively networking, understanding the suggested balance of time to spend across the key 7 activities in your job search, setting weekly goals, measuring your progress & self-reflections, interview practice, the impact of clarifying your ideal pathway, and more). I'd be happy to chat on a free coaching call here --