How does your team map OKRs (objectives, key results) and the timeline and roadmap?

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Hey Charlotte! Here’s a template for OKRs that’s a close copy of how our team managed them at a past startup: few guidelines that make it work:- Once the OKRs are locked in for a time period or a cycle, you don’t edit the scoring rubric or the description; even if everything changes and you can no longer win points the OKR, you give yourself a “graceful zero” so you can reflect on why the KR didn’t work (bad reporting? priorities shifted? unforeseen circumstances?)- Company had a standing meeting to update OKR numbers every Friday and a bigger meeting to review at the end of the cycle; in the beginning we did 6 week cycles and eventually moved to quarterly cycles with a week for pre-planning OKRs for the upcoming cycle- At one point we used software called “7Geese” instead of the Google Sheet template but it looks like that app got acquired by Paycor? Not sure if it’s still available! As far as roadmaps:- ProductBoard is pretty cool for visualizing roadmaps and it’s flexible / easy to update when timelines shift- Beyond the cards on ProductBoard, my current team also uses a Google Sheet that’s simply a list of upcoming launches with rough estimate dates; this is the easiest thing to keep updatedI think one of the key things to making OKRs and product roadmaps work together is the KRs should be more focused on measurable results than on “we shipped this” or “we did that” on time.For example, a KR that reads: “enlist 10 customers in the Beta for x feature” puts healthy pressure on the team to either release the Beta within the OKR cycle or descope the Beta within the time period, but if you ship it and can’t get anyone to use it, you should score fewer points! Because getting something done isn’t really impactful if it’s not pushing the KR.Hope this helps!
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This is exactly what I needed thanks Melanie!
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This is awesome Melanie thanks for sharing!