Women & Money: I'll be on a radio show this Sunday to talk more and make reference to the doc about "Framing Britney".

Women & Money: Every woman wants sex and money but no one is comfortable talking about either. I'm no sex expert so I'll stick to talking about women & money.To be honest, I don't have the guts to watch the whole documentary about Britney becuase I'd get so angry that she's not allowed to take care of her own money. But it's about time we wake up and talk more about about Women & Money. Women & Weath.If you're on Clubhouse, would you like to have a group conversation about Women & Money? How about Women & Sales? Any other topics you'd suggest?
Love talking about women and money and perso finance in general! What's the show you will be on? How did you get into this world? :)
I'll be on 980 CKNW (part of GlobalNews in Canada) Sunday Night Health Show (mainly for women). Anyone can listen from anywhere online.The world of women & money & power? I posted my article here on Elpha and also the link:
Great topic! I'm not in Clubhouse (I have a Samsung). I wrote about my personal relationship with money in this article.
Love how you brought in different perspectives to share your own experience. How often do you write?
Thanks @MinaFung. The answer is "depends". Sometimes I have a full-time job. If you mean in my website, no more than once a month. I like to create different kind of resources (reports, surveys, apps, Q&A) and there are only 24 hours in a day :)What about you?
I find writing hard but I'd like to write more.