As a woman in robotics, it's important to me that...

Hi! I’m an ops and manufacturing lead at Corvus Robotics, and I’m looking for help finding more awesome female/non-binary candidates to join us in our growth journey! We build autonomous flying robots to help warehouses scan inventory. Our robots are shipped and working, helping customers do a boring and dangerous job!

We have a stellar technical team working on groundbreaking aerial autonomy – BUT most of the team is male. It matters to me a lot personally, and as one of the first employees, to build a diverse team with more amazing folks that look like me and think like me as a part of the core team. I know there’re many amazing women/non-binary roboticists out there, but we need help finding them!

Could people suggest more communities of women/non-binary people, where we could build networks and find awesome candidates? Some of the roles we’re looking for include robotics/autonomy generalists, mechanical and DFM engineers, software front/backend engineers, and biz/operational people. TY!

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So cool! On a different path, our very own @tanmayisai works with rockets! Maybe she knows other bad b candidates she can send your way :)
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@maryma - Unfortunately, I don't know orgs in the specific disciplines you mention. However, here is one group I have worked with and really enjoyed:
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Hi Maryma, I'd love to chat. Do you know what biz/operational people are needed today? My background is not engineering, but I have founded and run 3 businesses in the past five years, and a strong authority on physical products and cross-disciplinary roles, and am a proponent for building not just technical teams, but businesses including female-empathy from the inside-out. DM me or email me, and let's set up a time to talk. [email protected]