Business loan/credit card question

Hello All!

I am starting my own event planning company this year and have a couple of projects I am working on.

does anyone have any tips or advice on how to get a business loan? where to look, what to prep, etc.

also, does anyone have any experience with business credit cards? Same thing: tips and advice would be amazing!

Congratulations, this is all so exciting! For business credit cards: Brex, Ramp, Mercury are solid to get started or you can also go the Amex route (esp if you've been an Amex customer before).For business loan: i assume you already have some cash flow coming in which will help when you're being underwritten. But otherwise, you can check online lenders like On Deck or Kabbage and then also look at the SBA.If you're in NYC, the city (AND state) actually has a ton of programmes for small biz and for women owned small biz too my guess is there must be programmes in your state and deff at the federal level so check those out too! programmes at the federal level too (
@iynna thank you so much for taking the time to respond! It was definitely helpful. This part of the business process is intimidating to me
i totally get that, but you got this :)