Men keep coming from outside. Startup growth and women career growth

Sorry if this is considered necroposting, but I just joined and only saw this today. I was in a very similar situation several weeks ago. To me, the answer to your question depends on how many other women there are at the company, men willing to sign on the proposition, the seniority of the people involved. I believe if there are sufficient numbers of frustrated people or sufficiently senior frustrated people, then a group tactic is likely to be best. But in my situation, there is only one other woman at my company, and neither of us holds a management position. So we chose to speak to our company leaders as individuals while coordinating what we were going to say with each other.Our first step was that she talked about this with Leader A, who she had better rapport with, while I made similar points with Leader B, who I had the better rapport with.We then shared the outcomes of the meetings with each other, which helped us prepare for the subsequent meetings we had where she talked to Leader B while I talked to Leader A.