How Successful Female Leaders Get Visible in their Career #visibilityworkshop

Hello Elpha's,Being visible is so important for your career.Because sadly Ladies, your good work does not speak for itself.You have to speak about it, own your contribution, and let your company and your network know how you are making an impact.I know that you're making an impact, that you're doing great things, and are achieving successes. You are not getting the recognition you deserve. You're hiding because you don't feel comfortable about putting yourself out there for your career.Can you relate?I feel that I am not an expert and I have Imposter Syndrome.I feel a bit awkward about putting myself out there because I've never done it before.I am launching a brand new workshop, Optimise your Visibility for Career Success in 2021. This is for female leaders to learn how to pitch their success with confidence and resilience. The workshop will only have a limited intake so that you can receive personal 1-2-1 attention and come away with a personal action plan to 10x your career visibility. Join us on 21st Jan 6pm - 8pm UK time. Signup for your Early Bird Ticket Here: your success!Warm Regards,Ekua πŸ’›P.S. Message me with any questions.