Elphas in Melbourne, Australia?

Hey Elphas!

Curious if anyone is in Melbourne, Australia, and would be game for an in-person meetup? I just re-located here from San Francisco and am looking forward to meeting new folks!

Hi Summer! Thank you so so much for posting here and wow such a big move!We sure do and I got you on this one!First off tagging @anupreetaacharya who is in Sydney but perhaps she has leads for you (even if outside of elpha). for context, she's one of our amazing (recent) members and she planned an Elpha Sydney a few weeks backOtherwise here are your Melbourne girlies: @JennyBounmivilay @kimbleeze @shefalikotian @catherinestrigenz @monikapietrowski @chloeburns @melrosenthal @sheralynaw @jomccatty @lisahuang @SarahAbdulHameed @priyankaashraf @deeegan @elle13 (are you still based there?) Wheww happy connecting!
Thank you so much, @iynna!
Hi @summerlindman - welcome to Melbourne. I'm a fellow coach who lived in SF for a while (eons ago) and would love to meet up.
Thank you so much, @melrosenthal! Amazing - would love to meet up as well and just sent you a DM.
Hi @summerlindman welcome to Melbourne! I moved here from Cleveland about 7 years ago. Would love to meet up .
Thanks so much, @shefalikotian! Would love to meet up as well and just sent you a DM.
Hi @summerlindman šŸ‘‹šŸ½ I moved to Melbourne from San Francisco 3 years ago and happy to catch up with you! We can also do a group hang as well ā—”Ģˆ
Hey @JennyBounmivilay! Amazing! And yes, I'd definitely be down for that :). I can start a group DM with those who have replied so far and we can see if we can find a time!
Hello Summer, thanks for instigating. I am a French-Australian and spent only 1 year in the Bay Area before needing to relocate back. Would love to join you if you would have me šŸ˜Š
@isalg amazing! Yes, would love to have you join. I'll create a doodle poll and add it to this thread, and I'll also send you a DM!
WOWOW is Melbourne the city where SF folks like to go to after their US Stints! Because this is amazing!If I may suggest @summerlindman, you may want to do a group hangout to gather elphas in one place! Last month, the Sydney crew asked for best practices and here are some ideas I shared if there's any best practices here for you. ultimately it should be super easy to coordinate (i know you're all very busy people!)
Thanks so much, @iynna! Very helpful.
yay of course dear :)
@summerlindman how was it/did it already happen? :D
@iynna we're meeting up on Monday!
Oh my gosh! So excited for this. Would you be ok sharing pic for us/our team? šŸ„¹
For sure! Assuming the others are ok with it, I'll share it after the event :)
yay! hope you had a wonderful time!
Adding a doodle poll here for anyone who would like to join! We'll get a date sorted and then find a place: