Meet Your Parts, A Daily Self-Reflection

Look who's talking...

No seriously, who's talking? 🧐

What silent comments are you making about yourself throughout the day?

Are you saying things like "I'm so stupid, why did I do that??"

or are you saying "I'm human and any choice I make is brave".

Wild guess that it's the first one. 👀

If you're like me, your inner critic comes out to play many times throughout the day.

She's keeping you on your toes, making sure you don't mess up.

That you're making the right decisions.

That you're striving to be your best self.

She just has a funny way of showing her love. 🙃

And by funny I mean critical.

That "tough love".

You don't have to push her away.

But you can thank her for being there.

And call in a more gentle part of you to take over. 💜

Like the empath.

👉 Just for fun today, try and see which parts come out at different times.

👉 Step back and ask yourself "who is talking right now"?

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Aw. This reminds me of a comic I saw on IG that I'll try to find - "I'm believing in my own potential, it's the hardest thing I've ever done, but I want to see what life is like when I stop putting myself down."