Virtual Peer Support Group Calm & Grateful: Approach to Managing Anxiety

My colleague, Danielle Reans, is leading a virtual peer support group, Calm & Grateful: Approach to Managing Anxiety!

Struggling with anxiety and looking for a path to gratitude? This virtual group offers a nurturing space to explore the relationship between anxiety and gratitude, providing tools and techniques to manage anxious thoughts and cultivate a grateful mindset.

In this group, you will:

  • Learn effective methods to manage and understand anxiety.
  • Explore how gratitude can transform your perspective and mental health.
  • Gain support and insights from a community led by an experienced guide.

First session: Monday, May 6th

Frequency: Weekly 1 hour live video meetings, Mondays 6 pm - 7 pm EST

Cost: $150 per month ($37.50/sesson)

Sliding scale pricing is available based on household income:

For income $0 - $50K, use code FOREVER50 for a 50% discountFor income $50K - $75K, use code FOREVER25 for a 25% discount

If you do not qualify for an income-based discount and would benefit from this group or would like to try out the group before committing, please contact me to explore options!

thanks for sharing and for offering multiple paths to keep this inclusive for people :)
Of course! Thanks for your comment--my goal is to democratize and make accessible peer support to all people!!