Boston Elpha Meetup Interest post

Hello Fellow Elpha-ians in Boston,

I recently moved to Boston from Bay Area and I am looking forward to tapping into the local tech community and connecting with fellow Elpha rockstars. I was thinking of throwing a get-together in Boston for us to meet each other. Are there any folks here who live in and around Boston ? And would you like to meetup? Let me know your interest below.

Once I get interest from people, I will put up a poll for possible dates and times.

I am in the area and would love to meet up!
I'm in Providence and would love to join!
I'm interested as well!
Sign me up! I live in Cambridge near Harvard.
very interested!
Interested! I'm free after May 26.
Think there was a talk of one not too long ago? Happy to meet up if everyone's interested!
Same! Iā€™m in the area and would definitely meet up.
Count me in!
Iā€™d love to join!
also interested!
Thank you for initiating this meetup! I would love to join!
Hi Everybody! Thank you for all the replies! this is amazing! I am excited to meet everyone of you! Unfortunately, I am in a tough spot of being targeted at work atm. Hence I am unable to plan a meetup in the immediate future. If anyone else wants to pick up coordinating a meet in the mean time, please feel free to do so. Otherwise, I can set something up July onwards.