Women in leadership circle

Women in leadership,

I'm creating a monthly leadership circle for us to connect.

Here's what I'm thinking:

👯‍♀️ What: A chance to connect with other women in leadership

😎 Who: Women in Sales, Marketing, and Product leadership who are mid-career

🤗 Why: So we can support each other and connect with women who are facing similar challenges and gain insight/while building community and connection

🗓 When: Monthly on Zoom (dates and times to come)

🗽 Quarterly live in NYC: First location and time TBD

Format: Collect challenges/topics beforehand so we can bring a loose theme. Examples might include:

Imposter syndrome and comparing and despairing Balancing work/life


Giving feedback

Interpersonal relationships

Let's share, relate, and help each other and see where it goes. I dropped a spreadsheet in the comments to collect some ideas on topics, and time zones so I can organize a date.

love this! :)
I love this idea! I'm in :)