Looking to interview people on food & culture

Hey Elphas! I'm Carla, I live in Paris and I just started Spiced (https://spiced.substack.com/), a weekly newsletter on a mission to inspire meaningful moments by making your life easier and more joyful in the kitchen. On this newsletter, I'll also interview people on the way they see the relation between food and culture. I have some French contacts but I'd like to make it more international and interview people from different places. I'm looking for my first guests, so if you want to speak about this subject with me or know people that would be interested feel free to reach out: [email protected]!Thank you so much for your time! ✨
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Hi Carla, this sounds so lovely! I'm curious, do you happen to have a form that people might be able to respond to vs setting up an actual meeting? I'd love to help but hopping on a call these days are proving to be more and more difficult so wanted to see if you had any other alternatives. Thanks!
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Hi Carla, I was just on a webinar (which turned out pretty nice). It was hosted by Chef Keesha O'Galdez. Topic was “Let the Afternoon Be Gin”, a casual lunch hour get together with other fellow foodies and entrepreneurs and professionals. She may be a good fit.