Breaking down the Fundamentals of Impactful Networking - Webinar Replay (Video)

Networking can be nerve-racking.

  • How do you connect with professionals?
  • How do you phrase that first outreach message?
  • How do you run successful informational calls?

And the list of questions goes on. But the truth is that networking can also be extremely beneficial for your career development.In this talk, Career Coach Rachel Serwetz will join us to help us overcome those limiting beliefs and fears around networking. Rachel will share advice and strategies for you to feel comfortable and confident enough to utilize networking to facilitate your career progress.

In this chat, we’ll talk about:

  • The various purposes and goals of networking (and how to set your networking goals)
  • Learning the various categories of connections in your network
  • Where to find people, where to connect, and where to go to expand your network
  • How to prepare for and run successful informational calls

Catch the event rewatch link here:

MEET THE SPEAKER Rachel Serwetz, Career Exploration Coach

Rachel Serwetz' early professional experience was at Goldman Sachs in Operations and at Bridgewater Associates in HR.

From there, she was trained as a coach at NYU and became a certified coach through the International Coach Federation. After this, she worked in HR Research at Aon Hewitt and attained her Technology MBA at NYU Stern.

Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of professionals with career exploration and for the past 4.5 years she has been building her company, WOKEN, which is an online career exploration platform to coach professionals through the process of clarifying their ideal job and career path.

She is also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Binghamton University and has served as a Career Coach through the Flatiron School/WeWork, Columbia University, and Project Activate. WOKEN offers a free initial coaching call here.