Starting a dating site (that guarantees outcomes)

I've been a quiet reader and newsletter opener of Elpha for six month. A recent post headline "what do you do for your dating life?" caught my eye. I thought it was time to share what I am up to in case it's helpful to this group.

I launched a dating company called Meet The Otter over the last month. I am the first founder in the dating space who:

  1. Got her dating prototype to work for herself first (yes, I met the love of my life)
  2. Tried web dating, 10+ dating apps, and a matchmaking service over 15+ years

Better said, I am cutely aware of how painful the process is and I'm building a better version. Right now it all starts with a newsletter becuase there are 1500+ dating apps and no community in the space. Later this year we will launch our experiences.

Happy to help in any way I can and welcome your support if you're interested!


Best of luck Simran! Dating apps are a really hard business to build! I’m excited that Elpha inspired you to do it ❀️
When you say you can guarantee outcomes, does that mean finding a date or a long-term relationship or something in between?
Hey there! We would guarantee you go on actual dates versus whatever happens right now. Currently the average dating app user spends 90 minutes swiping without any guaranteed outcomes, which is a waste of time in my books. We aren't live yet, but if you're curious sign up for the newsletter. We will deliver one newsletter a week on Tuesday. Our launch will be announced there too.
What does "guarantees outcomes" mean? How does the pricing work, and how do I get my money back?
Love these questions! Guaranteed outcomes means you actually go on a date. The average dater spends 90 minutes a day swiping. We guarantee that the time you spend on the app is worth it. We aren't live yet so we are testing pricings. But yes, you would get your money back if you didn't go on a date - correct. The waitlist and all announcements will come from the newsletter. It's also the waitlist for when we launch.
Well I guess everyone has different problems, but I personally don't have trouble actually getting dates. I'll have weeks where 10 guys ask me out and I have trouble narrowing it down because I only want to go on 1 or 2 first dates per week maximum because it's exhausting.The question would be how many "filtered" dates your app guarantees. For example, is it someone I find attractive (i.e. would have swiped right on), and do they actually match up with my values and relationship goals.What you are describing already exists β€” Tawkify costs ~$200 per curated date, plus you get a personal matchmaker who debriefs with you and coaches you. Even when I did Tawkify, I hated it because I wasn't physically attracted to the men they paired me with.I'll be curious to follow along and see what you come up with.
Totally agree. There's vetted matches in MTO, meaning we approve profiles before folks are let on the platform to make sure daters are set up for success. Also you can join with a friend or two (regardless of their relationship status), and the can be lightweight matchmakers/gatekeepers involved too. I hear you on Tawkify. I also used it and found it disappointing. Our goal is to make dating efficient and less lonely. Hope you join the newsletter for now. Even in this short exchange your feedback was helpful. Thank you!