How I became a Feminine Energy Coach from being completely burned out on masculine energy in startup and tech.

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Hi Cindy, thank you for sharing! I went/am going through a similar thing. It's validating to learn of another person's journey and very encouraging to hear about your next steps as I contemplate mine. I filled out your survey, hope it helps. Keep going!
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@ErikaScott Thank you and so glad to hear you resonated with my story. The transformation only gets deeper, and it's always interesting to have more opportunities to grow. We will have a lot to connect on!
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Hey Cindy, thank you so much for sharing your story with us! Your journey of self-enquiry, discovery and exploration deeply resonates with me, and I'm so happy to hear that these twists and turns have led you to a place of unprecedented joy, peace and personal fulfilment. You deserve all of the wonderful things you are experiencing. Wishing you love :)