Seeking help with warm intros

I am preparing for fundraising, have everything ready but - need more warm intros. Can’t imagine how I can broaden my network so rapidly but I must do it. If anyone had such a problem please share how you solved it.

Please connect with me at - perhaps you know someone I am trying to reach? It would be super helpful for me if you could introduce me. And hopefully, I can do something for you too? Please let me know.

Among people I am trying to reach right now are Drew Austin (Red Beard Ventures), Steven Eskenazi (TiE Angels Silicon Valley), Gary Jinks (South Valley Angels) - if you know them well enough, would it be possible for me to send you an e-mail to forward it to them - to see if they would like to connect with me to talk about our company?

Thank you for your time!

The thrill of fundraising! What's your company - want to give us the mini pitch so we can better understand your needs?Additionally have you checked this out
Thank you for your reply, @iynna! I am seeking warm intros to some of the investors I am considering. I'd be happy to tell more. Please let me know what is the best way to connect - e-mail or call?I will check Funders, thank you very much for the link!
Yes! I meant to tell us here so when members read they know better as of right now we don’t know what you do!:)
Are you a member of Women in Cloud? There's a large board of WiC Advisors from different areas in tech (some very senior) who are available for warm intros to the members. This may get you a step closer to the VCs you are interested in connecting with.
Thank you for your reply, @MichaGoBig. I tried searching for Women in Cloud but it didn't show up. Is it an Elpha community? Could you please share the link? Thank you very much!
Hi Olga, sorry, that was probably not a very clear answer to your ask! :) It's not an Elpha group but a separate community. This is the page with the advisor panel: So you can check out if it may be interesting to you to get involved. Also, they have their annual summit (virtual) in late January, so there's plenty of opportunity to connect.
Thank you very much, Micha! I will definitely check it out.