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Organic Clothing GIVEAWAY for Feedback help

carolyn8's profile thumbnail
Hi Natalia! I'd love to help out!
EssentialAaryn's profile thumbnail
Hi Natalia,Lovin' your eco-credentials.How can I help?
megsandtorv's profile thumbnail
Hi Natalia,I'm happy to help! Love your mission.
DianePrince's profile thumbnail
Hi Natalia, I've run a clothing company and am happy to help!
aksharasruthi's profile thumbnail
Hi Natalia! I'd love to help out in any way I can.
nataliakazakli's profile thumbnail
Thank you all so much - the support means the world! I will send a direct message to those of you I feel like we can collaborate at this stage ASAP (based on location and budget restrictions). Would be awesome if you would like to follow the journey and updates on Instagram too ❤️❤️❤️
JamieMoy's profile thumbnail
Happy to help to however I can Natalia.
linneaspampinato's profile thumbnail
Hi Natalia, happy to help!
lucindarogerskoza's profile thumbnail
I would love to help! My insta for my company is @iallyinc
AbigailTsui's profile thumbnail
Hi Natalia, happy to help if this is still going on! Always love to give constructive feedback :)
mcrames's profile thumbnail
happy to help!