Halloween Office Party for your team

Hey all! First a big thank you to the elpha community, I appreciate you all so much :)My company, Sophya, is an app for bringing social and spontaneous work environments to the remote world. One of the things we're doing to spread the cheer as we go into winter is giving any company or team their own holiday party, complete with super fun environments and costumes. We have Halloween Parties to give away, so I wanted to 'gift' anyone in the elpha community their own company Halloween Party. The way our app works is by using spatial audio/video, so when you get close to people you can chat with them, just like in real life. So it's a blast for gatherings like office parties, and we use it to work remotely from each day. If you'd like to throw a Halloween Party for your company, let me know here or by private message and I'll get you set up with a free party :)To bringing back some social cheer πŸ₯‚Emma
This is SO fun and sweet and brought a smile to my face :)
Yay! We all need a few more smiles in our days :)
This is honestly so cool! I'm actually looking for ways to get my team together virtually in a creative way. What's the best way to schedule a demo? Let me know if you'd prefer me to go through the website :)
Hey! That’s amazing, this is exactly what we wanted, too :) I can totally give you a demo, here’s my calendly, book whatever is best for you:
Done. Looking forward to chatting with you!
Hey Emma! I'd be interested, dm with the details :)
So cute! I'd love to learn more about it. Could totally see my company using this.
Hey Megan! That's rad to hear, we just want to spread some cheer right now. People need it! Feel free to grab some time on my calendly, I can show you around so you can see if it would be useful :)