Experience working with Artisans in Africa, or other 3rd world markets

Hello, I'm Fola Ojukotola. A change management resource by the day, serial entrepreneur at night. I live in Lagos, Nigeria, and currently working on a business solution that involve Artisans. Due to the fragmented nature of the Artisans segment (Language, Communication-style, Tribe, Culture, Literacy, Religion, etc.), it has been quite a challenge engaging/communicating with this segment. Does anyone have suggestions or experiences working with Artisans in third world markets? What tactics did you use for effective communication/engagement? I do love to hear from you, please drop a comment. Thanks
Hey @Folaa, welcome to Elpha! Awesome to have you here. I did a quick search of our Members Directory and @dara, @raquelwilson & @Swakara jumped out at me - all are or work with founders & have strong experience in branding/comms within this market. Feel free to dive deeper yourself via the Search feature if of interest:, the founder of Ethnic District, an e-commerce platform to discover African brands and products, may also be great to speak with. Hope this helps and wish you all the best with developing your business solution further - it sounds exciting!
Hi Fola,Glad to help! We help artisans and African CPG brands sell their products in the U.S. Happy to answer any questions you have!
Thank you @rachelclifton , this is very helpful.
Glad to be of service!
Hi @Folaa. I don't know the Nigerian market well, but happy to share my experiences working with artisans in Senegal.
Thanks Raquel, I would love to hear about it. Is there a way for me to inbox to schedule a few minutes call?
Hi @Folaa. You can reach me out to me on any of the social platforms. I'm @raquelwilson on most of them.
Thanks will do just that.