Early Career confusion

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I can't give you a direct answer to your question (What are some job options for electrical engineers like me who are interested in both management and electrical engineering?), but I'll give you some things to think over.- In many fields, people are promoted to managerial roles because of their technical strengths. While this is not ideal, this is unfortunately the reality. Of course, bias also influences who will be promoted when. If you decide to work in the US or another western country, you'll have to deal with the positive stereotypical view of Asians: Good workers, but not good leaders. - While it is not necessary to have technical knowledge to be a good leader, it does help and gives you more credibility. I'd try to contact (female) alums from your chosen technical specialization and talk with them. Or reach out to a a junior/mid-level employee in a company in your field and ask them about career options/paths.