Women Communities

What are your favourite women communities? How do you find out about new women founders and investors?

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My first is Elpha :) I also subscribe to Femstreet https://www.femstreet.com/, and they have a paid community you can join as well.
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There's a Slack group Bunch of Founders I just joined (https://join.slack.com/t/bunchoffounders/shared_invite/zt-h7ad8o78-oS1nJoPKWGLrSeYqj7ztHw) ! I also work at a company called Scroobious (www.Scroobious.com) which helps underrepresented founders on their pitch materials but has built up an awesome community as well :)
Would love to connect, DMing you!
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Yes definitely reach out!
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Hands down Elpha for the community and also for the demographic you are highlighting both founders and investors (FYI https://elpha.com/d/funders) otherwise I like AllRaise a lot :)
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Look into https://shesindependent.com Natalie Levy teaches a course on investing with a focus on angel investing, being on a company board, and understanding employee stock offerings. I learned a lot. She has a lot of recordings on her site and she is building a community. She is based in Colorado, but people can be anywhere. [email protected]