Join Our Movement: Your Voice Can Shape a Revolution for Women of Color in the Workplace


Are you a mid-career woman of color striving to climb higher, reach further, and break new ground in your professional journey? If so, we need your voice!

I'm Mina Abdulla, and I'm spearheading an initiative that's close to my heart – and, I believe, to yours as well. It's called "The Pinnacle" a prospective platform aimed at supporting, empowering, and connecting women of color navigating the unique challenges and opportunities of mid-career life.

Why Your Voice Matters

We understand that the path to success is not always straightforward, especially for women of color. Our experiences are layered, our challenges multifaceted, and our triumphs uniquely inspiring. But here's the thing – not enough platforms genuinely address our specific needs, aspirations, and the hurdles we face in the professional world.

This is where you come in. We're inviting you to a 30-minute interview call to share your experiences, insights, and ideas. Your input will be pivotal in shaping a platform that's truly by us and for us.

Participating is easy. Simply schedule here to select a time slot that fits your schedule. Our conversation will be relaxed, informal, and completely confidential.

Every voice counts, every story inspires, and every insight brings us closer to a platform that not only understands but also celebrates and elevates women of color in the professional world.



Love the idea, Mina! Definitely a mission that feels close to my heart.
Thank you, Sarah! I actually meant to connect with you since I've seen so many wonderful posts of yours on Elpha. If you are open to it, would love to grab some time with you.
Sure! Message me or you can find me on LinkedIn - whatever is easier :)