Just for fun: What's your favorite Etsy shop/find?

Inspired by @EmilyWan's comment in the "Best buy under $100" thread.
I've been eyeing a few rings from GOODAFTERNINE for a while! about you, @isla?
omg these are so cute 😆❤️
Omg! That frog prince ring is everything.
Those rings are super-cute. I know someone who will love them. ❤
Since you mentioned rings, I'll give a shoutout to both GeppettoJewelry and MoonkistDesigns. Both of which are shops from which I own rings myself. 😊
The enamel pieces are REALLY beautiful.
Last year I got some custom rag rugs (made with leftover fabric scraps) made by Unbelieving Weaving: she was really responsive and had lots of options for the bright colors I was looking for! She uses recycled materials for everything except blankets (I left a review, so you can see a photo of my office there :D )
What a cool idea!
Love this!! I can browse Etsy forever and can't wait to hear of others' favourites!My favourite print to date is from a seller in Spain!
simple and very important to remember. I should probably have this hanging over my desk, haha.
@isla what a fun post! Downside is seeing all the cool suggestions will make me spend even more daydreaming time on Etsy haha.
*Casually drops you one of my favorite candlemakers*
Noooo, these are way too adorable! Is Etsyholic a thing? Because I must have an addiction...
I didn't even know these were things!
So cute!
This shop sells really cute masks!! and I love the story behind it. Loved seeing everyone's fave shop/find :)
Gifted a few friends the Negroni sweatshirt from this shop recently. They loved them!
I really admire Jon McCoy Pottery, but haven't purchased anything yet.
Is it weird that I’ve never purchased from Etsy? Heading back to look at the links posted now.
Not weird at all!
Thanks. There’s some pretty things there.
I have never purchased anything on Etsy ... :-) So follow up question for anyone - why do you love Etsy so much? :D
I like supporting independent makers and small businesses and it's great for gifts that are unique, creative, and personal. I can buy gifts that show I really thought about and understood the recipient, plus there's often a neat story behind it (a local maker, a shop that gives back to a certain cause, the item is made from an interesting material, etc)
For me it's not really a "love" of the site itself more of a "If I need to get a gift for someone, it's more fun to get them something handmade than off of Amazon unless I know they want something specific."Etsy also has a vintage section, but I ignore it 99% of the time hahaha
Oh I love that aesthetic.
Thank you! :)
We bought my engagement ring on Etsy! (I wanted an alt to diamond and ruby is my fiancé's birthstone).
It's beautiful!
Stunning. Claddaghs are really pretty. Love that you went away from the traditional and did what you liked.
Oooh ooh, for dog owners, I'm in *LOVE* with TreakTeak: We've had ours since 2019 and it's by far our most used accessory (and most recommended to other dog guardians). I even bought it as a gift for 4 people (my sister and 3 friends), and they all use theirs every day, too! Attaching a photo of my pup with her (well-loved) treat bag on one of our walks 😍 A bonus is one of our community members, @TalyMatiteyahu, is the creator behind this!
Yasss! Stop using plastic baggies to tote treats! Save the planet from plastic waste AND your hands from pocket crumbs! #winwin
I just bought myself a personalized book embosser! 10/10 would recommend
This shop that sells DIY polymer clay earring kits. I saw so many neat polymer earring designs and wanted to try it myself. They turned out really cute!
So excited to see this post because I came across this painted toilet shop the other day and was like damn, I really want to share this find with people
ngl that's pretty cool actually :D
Self-promo: :P When I see a quote that I want to wear I go and make it here for myself and sometimes people buy them too :) If you like any of these or you have a quote I can make one for you guys too 😂 This is a total hobby