New stress & anxiety solution launched today

Hi Elpha friends,

Thanks to many of you that gave us feedback and told us your stories with stress and anxiety over the last few months. We’re really excited to announce that today we’re launching Habit & Co., programming and community designed to help you break up with stress and anxiety. Because mental health shouldn't be a solo journey.

We named our inaugural programs Deeps, because they’re a 3-month deep dive into resetting, reframing, and reconnecting in small group moderated gatherings with 6-8 other people. We designed our curriculum in partnership with therapists, coaches, somatic practitioners, doctors, and neuroscientists.

Visit us at to sign up as a founding member of Deeps (with perks!) or to sign up for our Drops - a weekly newsletter on the science behind what works.

You can also read our personal stories with stress and anxiety here:

Thank you!

Lauren & Maria

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Congratulations on the launch!! 🎉 totally digging the name and branding!