Interviewing and getting hired

Getting a job is hard, especially in the Tech area where the interviews are harder than the main job. So there are 2 ways to respond when you do not pass an interview.

1. You note the questions you failed and study the subject better.

2. You get disappointed and self-doubt yourself.

Most times we fall into the 2nd category, and it is okay to feel bad. But don’t dwell on it. Feel bad, note where you fell and move on by learning that topic better so that you won't fall at that same point anymore.

Because of the frequent rejection, we tend to not be too excited to get on another Interview.

On dear, every interview brings along its lessons and goals. So let's not let the past rejections make us seems not interested in new opportunities.

This is advice to me too after searching for a remote frontend role for about 3 months now. It's long enough to break me.

So my approach to failing interviews these days is to feel bad, buy myself a drink for at least trying, and then go back home and resume my studies.

I won't give up because I know nothing good comes easy.

Love this letter, I imagine many many people need to hear it.One thing I've come to learn over my long and windy career is this: rejection is not necessarily about YOU as a human being. It's not about what you're capable of or an indicator of you being any less than someone else.Rejection is simply a mismatch between you and a company. That's it.So your job is to assess if you can better communicate your skills and strengths, or find a company that is better suited to you (and vice-versa!!), then continue on.Definitely feel the feels (you gotta be real with your human self), but when you can: get back on the search. Because the world is a very, very big place, and there is undoubtedly an opportunity that is truly great for you out there.
Hang in there! I just got off a call with the recruiter for a company that did not move me to the final round. It was a very humbling conversation to say the least but your post helped me reframe this as a learning opportunity.
You have a great attitude. I know you will get a job soon and when you get one offer, you'll start getting other offers as well. Best of luck!