If you could solve the biggest pain points in finding a new job, where would you start?

I'm playing a bit of a game and wondering your thoughts: what are the top three pain points in finding a new job?

It's coming from a place of wondering- if someone were to come up with brilliant solutions to the most pressing pain points- what are those pain points to address?

Some ideas that come to mind for me are:

Pain point 1: WTHeck even works for my skills and life?

Pain point 2: What am I qualified to do that I don't know is out there/haven't tried but could be cool?

Pain point 3: Long application and doubt anything will be seen without a connection.

Those are just a few that come to minf, but what do you think- either from a current or previous job search? Open to any and all ideas- the more detailed the better!

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I would say:1. Finding the right job opportunities that match interests and skills2. Knowing what questions to ask in the interview to evaluate if there's a fit3. Visibility into timeline of interview process
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For me, the third pain point you mentioned really resonates. When I was job hunting out of my MBA program, I found that it was nearly impossible to get an interview without a connection. I'll also add being ghosted mid-interview process. I'm not sure what the solution is for that besides treating everyone with dignity, but I had more than one company just stop responding to me (not even a stock rejection email) after I had already had multiple conversations with folks at the company. I remember this being particularly tough because it made me feel powerless as a job seeker. Whereas I could take action to figure out what I'm qualified for / what I want to do, for example, I couldn't take any action to force people to treat me respectfully as a candidate.