Hi Elphas! 👋 I'm Jenny, the founder of stylespace.com a first ever personal styling platform that offers 1-on-1 styling in clothing, hair, makeup and skincare, virtually.

The idea for Style Space came while running my own fashion label for nearly a decade. As a fashion designer, I observed that many individuals struggled with style confidence, including me. Most times, people only needed a simple tweak in their style to make a big difference in their confidence and overall success. I experienced this myself 3 months after giving birth to twins. I had to do a TV interview to promote a fashion show and I didn’t look or feel like myself. I was stressed and panicking about how to style myself for the interview. In that moment, I video called my stylist sister and like a wizard (because it felt like magic), she styled me on what to wear and how to do my hair and makeup for the interview in less than 30 minutes. I gave a stellar TV interview and came away with an idea for what would be Style Space.

I knew that if I could benefit from a service like this then women (and men) could too. Stylists on our platform can help you with anything style related, from updating your work wardrobe (office or WFH), to getting styled for a special occasion, dressing your body type, closet editing, building a capsule wardrobe or even helping you define your personal/business brand. Stylists also do personalized tutorials and product recommendations for hair, makeup and skincare.

I’m excited to connect with other Elphas! Ask me anything about styling tips, how to build and launch an MVP, bringing an idea/passion to life, parenting or whatever. For the Elpha community, we are giving a $20 gift for anyone who would like to get styled: ELPHA20