Anyone know a great marketing contractor/freelancer?


Does anyone know a (jack of all trades) marketing freelancer who is between 2-6 years of experience that is seeking a new client?

We're a 4.5-year old bootstrapped startup looking for our key marketing manager.

We recently brought on someone to solely focus on lead generation, so this person would help pursue partnerships, supporting virtual events, optimize email marketing, social media, paid search, and run a variety of other growth efforts. It will be about 10-14 hours per week.

If you know anyone please reach out to me at [email protected]

Thank you!

More Info:

  • Company overview - WOKEN is a web-based platform to guide professionals through a step-by-step process of learning & reflection to clarify your ideal career path. From there, we guide a professional through upskilling decisions, improving personal branding, and efficiently job searching to land a role you’ll love.
  • Mission: waking up the world to remember you can and should find a job you love
  • Vision: top-notch career support for every working professional at every step in your journey
  • Accolades - NSF I Corps Grant, NYU Venture Fellow, NYU InnoVention Competition Winner, $10K raised on iFundWomen; Bootstrapped; Founder background linked [here]
  • Core values/Culture - We value practicing what we preach (do what you’re great at), transparency, direct/frequent/proactive communication, giving & receiving feedback, iterating processes to strengthen outcomes, scrappiness, balancing efficiency with quality, avoiding the myth of multitasking, prioritizing to help us focus, operations, systemization, and measuring impact.
  • Learn more:
  • This role will focus on: Growth/Marketing Strategy, Events, Partnerships, Content/Hooks, Social Media (Video + Static), Email Marketing, Testing Paid Search, Marketing Tools, Analytics, Support Website Strategy, and more

>Create strong emails with 25% Open rates and 5% CTR rates

>Support creation of “hook” content ie new quizzes/polls/ free templates/etc

>Oversee/manage creation of consistent social media content & growth of following (i.e. static and video) (IG, FB, LinkedIn, Tiktok)

>Explore new, creative, impactful ways to leverage & grow our social followings & that of partners’

>Reach benchmarks to ready ourselves for paid acquisition

>Run, iterate, improve paid acquisition tests (Q2)

>Support landing new b2b partnerships/ webinars

>Support in running virtual events/effective post event marketing

>Support website designer with best practice guidance

>Support & understand enhanced capabilities of hubspot, google analytics, webflow, tidio, heymarket, etc to improve our outcomes

>Run monthly company marketing analytics

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@rachelserwetz hey there! I have thoughts on why there are no responses just yet, but I have a podcast episode about the "Chief Opportunity Finder" role that might help clarify your search for a Master of All Trades, the link is below, hope something is useful
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I would put the pay range so that you get the right candidates.
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Hi Rachel, I might be of some assistance. You can see some of my work here