How to Set Sales Opportunities when you Have Zero Time

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Excellent post, @Farren!
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Thank you Caroline! Glad that you found it useful :)
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This is a very detailed post. Any source learn to write a messaging sequence or cold email?I'm just started with sales :)
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Hey @shreya,First, make sure to join the Elpha sales community so that you can post questions and follow other peoples' topics. Cold email and messaging are subjects I address often here, as there are so many layers to it. There is a lot of bad email advice out there. When you're reading about best practices, make sure the person relaying them is basing their advice on data. Here are a few great learning sources that I trust:-Mailshake-Coppyblogger-CopyHackersYou can also find several guides on cold email on my copywriting blog:
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New to sales in general, but my startup pivoted into B2B territory recently – and truly appreciate you taking the time to share your strategies with us 🙏🏽
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Hey @stefaniejewett, welcome to sales! I'm so glad this community is helpful to you. Feel free to post your q's to it any time, we've got several very seasoned sales Elphas in here, always ready to help take on a challenge :)