What are your dream projects?

I want to hear about your dream project(s). The types of things that you would be excited to wake up and do most days for at least a couple years. Not the specifics, just the context. Something along the lines of:

"I'm interested in the intersection of _____ and _____ and _____......"

In fact, I think it's more fun if you don't have the specifics yet. Leaves room for other people to riff on. Feel free to elaborate on what excites you about these areas. You can definitely have more than one and you don't have to be an expert in any of them.

The only rule is, if you're already working on it, try not to rub it in. Just kidding, there are no rules.

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Two things:I'm interested in the intersection of healthcare and cultural competency and technology. Currently exploring this one :) I'm also interested in the intersection of the future of work and edtech and fintech.
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What do you mean by cultural competency? Just understanding other cultures?Future of Work x EdTech x FinTech = fixing the world economy and its incentive model. I'm into that!
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I'm interested in the intersection of technology and maternal health and women's economic empowerment
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Check out Steelsky Ventures https://steelskyventures.com/ specifically their portco - I have a feeling you will like what you will see there!
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Thanks for the recommendation! Their portco is AMAZING - loved seeing some familiar companies and learned about a few new ones :)
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Yay so happy to hear this! The GP at Steelsky is a dear friend and share your passion!!
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I’m interested in the intersection of electronics and biology. My undergrad focused on just that (worked on fetal heart monitoring and dreamed of developing an artificial eye). My career, however has taken a very different turn. Don’t get me wrong, I still do love what I do, and the people I work with. ❀️
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AND you studied game theory? My hero and role model is Alvin Roth. I wish I had the credentials to work on something like the kidney matching algorithm (but for other markets in need of similar frameworks). I'm trying to get close to it at least via a self-directed approach. It's too bad those type of things (bionics, astronomy etc.) require some kind of lab or observatory. I wish those were more accessible. I understand the liabilities, but there's got to be a way for people interested in those fields, but without the facilities / capital / credentials / connections to participate. In your case though, I'm sure you have all of those things if you wanted to leverage them.
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I'm interested in the intersection of tech x wealth distribution x holistic living 🌎 Particularly, investing in female consumer founders scaling profits for purpose, and contributing to climate change reversal, holistic nutrition education and/or civil liberties in a way that engages their customers. Feels scary to share here! Think that's a good sign. Thanks for prompt.
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I'm interested in the intersection of technology and filmmaking. I'd love to encourage studios in buying new technology with modifiable pieces that they can upgrade over the years, and to consult for accuracy on films and movies.
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Whoa that sounds cool! So like set pieces and/or props as reusable, malleable things? And what kind of accuracy? Psychological, historical, biological, technical...?
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Think about a movie camera; There's got to be lots of pieces that can theoretically be customized. I know you can change out lenses depending on shots.And more like a consultant for technical accuracy. For instance, it's not far fetched to see how some tech in Star Wars could work in the present!
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Lovely prompt! I'm interested in the intersection of healthcare and strategic partnerships and technology. Many people with lovely solutions try to enter healthcare having no idea how decisions are actually made, or how workflows work in reach life, so we remain an industry that still uses fax machines.
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I'm interested in the intersection of urban/local planning, sustainable architecture, and data science/analytics. I'm also interested in the intersection of graph theory/matching algorithms and markets/economics.But something I really actually want to do is build a destination coworking space in Maine with a bunch of little cabins where you could all live as long as you want (for free or very close to it) while building your dream projects!My main skillsets are low code applications, writing, and building. The first two of which I have never truly leveraged for a job. I'm trying to change that though!
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I’m interested in the intersection of small makers/growers, accessible local markets, and sustainability! I would love to see small markets/bodegas/corner stores that source locally and focus on bulk, plastic free etc for neighborhoods that are current food deserts - and also how to adapt that vision for rural vs city environments. No real plans, just something I think about regularly
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Love this!
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Ohhhh yes me too! So much. The future should be about makers / artisans / etc. being able to earn a living from their craft again without being pushed out by the corporate monsters. But especially for small shops that provide so much more value to the community than just selling them stuff.
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I'm in the intersection of Ed-tech, community, and social impact. I would like to stay here for some time.It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who's always in the intersection of different industries. I've been shifting careers from one place to another. I thought it's weird at first, but seeing how others do that too, I guess I'm not so weird at all =)