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Hey ladies! I'm a leadership coach, founder and former product manager. I'm giving away 30 minute coaching sessions in exchange for another 20 minutes of your time for a market research call for my new app :). I'm particularly interested in chatting with women in their 20s. Anyone interested?

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Thanks, Teresa :)
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Happy to chat! I am a product manager and have been thinking of trying a coach for a while, but have never actually done it.
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Great! Sending you a DM :)
Hello send me a message
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Hey! This is awesome - I'm in! Feel free to send me an email to set up our chat for this week or next.[email protected]
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Wonderful! Email coming your way :)
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I would love this! Excited for both the coaching and to see your product :) I'm at [email protected]
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Wonderful! Emailing you now :)
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Would love to chat! [email protected]
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Awesome! I'll send you an email :)
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Hi Yijen, I would love to chat!