Pitching Advice?

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Is this in the context of a startup/product pitch? What is your audience? To what purpose (e.g is this a school hackathon? a school project)? Do you already have the content of your pitch? Or are you currently crafting it?High-level:1) talk about the problem you are seeing that led you to come up with the idea you are pitching - why does it matter to you, I encourage you to be as personal as you can there to relate to your audience2) Introduce your solution and why you believe in it3) Why do you think you of all people should do it - that one seems very abstract but it can be something simple as -,my network of friends, I and people around me all agree this is an issue and we have started to come up with solutions that have received positive validation Be confident. energetic, if this is hard, think about something you truly personally care about and that will help you speak from a place of authenticity :) Remember if you're not passionate about your own idea, nobody else will be!
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Hello Iynna!! Here is some more context: I will be pitching to the manager at my local grocery store. They make their own freshly-squeezed juices and package them in the typical cheap, light PET plastic containers. I am currently working on my presentation to hopefully have them consider moving to recycled, biodegradable, or otherwise more sustainable plastic containers. I really appreciate your thorough response! You have some points not mentioned elsewhere on the internet. Thank you so much!