Design your DREAM job!

🌟If you're looking for a sign to finally go for your dreams...


I have 2 slots that just opened so I can help YOU land your dream job or start your dream business.

I wanted to offer it here since my Elpha gals have really been there for me ❤️!

Do you want to make yourself more approachable AND poachable by your ideal employer or ideal client?

Let me help you present yourself online in the most authentic way.

I help you achieve your dreams through:

✅A POPPIN LinkedIn makeover

✅ A unique and strategic Personal Brand

✅ Mindfulness and self-compassion coaching

Why choose me as your Dream Designer?

🌟 Experience: 10 years in the corporate industry, designing and marketing brands for Microsoft and Mercedez-Benz, as well as startups and non-profits here in Israel, and now it's my mission to help career-driven women like you.

🌟Personalized Approach: We work 1:1 to get through your fears and limiting beliefs that will inevitably surface when designing dreams. There will be days that you're pumped and ready to take over the world and there will be days that your doubts take over instead, which is when I step in to carry the dream with you, through your fears.

🌟 Results-Oriented: We set a measurable goal together and track all of our design results around that goal. Whether it's in the number of resumes you send out, posts we create, or leads we capture, we're counting, measuring, and adjusting as we go.If you're searching for your next opportunity, looking to reinvent and align your dreams with your purpose, then I'm gonna make sure you're set up for success.

No more waiting till you're ready, no more planning to plan.

Let's get to work 💪.

Message me so we can set up a call to design your dreams together!

XO, Vic 💜