Did anyone ever find that perfect fitting bra? Recommendations needed!

Hi ladies,

Ever complained to your friend how hard it is to find a fitting bra? Or about your bra being uncomfortable? Newsflash - you are not alone! Research has shown that 90% of women don't wear a bra that fits 🧐

So I'm here to ask for recommendations - where to get the perfect bra? (please share in the comments!) 👏

And if you are keen to help out with research, please fill in the form to give me some insights into your needs. I'm trying to gather a list of recommendations based on fitting preferences, sort of an ultimate guide to finding that perfect bra 📣

I've liked Etam's bras and just filled the form!
Yesssss! I spent MONTHS looking for a wirefree bra that would work for bigger cup sizes, and now live my whole life in True & CO's variations! ( By far the best thing I've ever worn.
I really like Peppers ( Just filled out the form!
I love elomi
I used to work as a bra fitter at La Senza and I found it's not only about the right measurement, but the right style for the right body type. Basically, this is tough to recommend as there are so many variables at play. What I CAN recommend is get a bra fitting, every time, especially if you're crossing brands. Every manufacturer will have slightly different parameters.
Hey hey! Fellow bra fitter here too and YES 100% to all of this!
Fascinating! So it is possible to have a different size across different brands?
Yep! And also style. Say you got a bra fit, perfect, you try on different bras and some still feel/look weird to you. It's not you, it's the style! Sometimes we might like how it looks off the rack but it doesn't necessarily compliment your body shape.And +1 to Georgette's comment. Band size is important as that's where all the support comes from. The cup sizes? You could be a B, C, D, A depending on your band size.
Yes, sometimes depending on where that bra is made it can have different measurements. DD in one brand might be an E in some brands. Some brands go down the line in letters to F, G but other brands will go DD, DDD, DDDD. Then on top of that you have different styles to match your boob shape. So more rounded boobs might fit a balconette style bra best whereas if most of your boob weight is on the lower half of your breast, you'd be best with a plunge bra.I always told clients it's finding your bra shape and which brand works for you :) My best tip is making sure you get a tighter band. Most people are wearing 34Bs for some reason when most of the time the women I fitted were 32D. Bras should feel snug and you'd be surprised at the difference it makes when it fits!
I highly recommend using this calculator to get your correct bra size: used it and realized that my size (while not uncommon) isn't sold in most US stores, so I have to order bras online.
Going to try this out, thank you!
the perfect bra is Tera Kaia, feels like nothing is on 🤩
May I suggest that you update your form to indicate if you're talking about UK cup size or US cup sizes, and consider adding up to K cup at least (my US size, so your research is a bit more accurate?
You are absolutely right - have updated the form. Thank you for pointing it out!
So many good recs here! Thank you @anoukmoll for kicking off the convo! :)
Would love to know what you find out from women with larger cup sizes. I’ve found that most bra lines, even when they claim to be size inclusive, only go up to DD/DDD/F sizes. It’s super challenging finding bras that are comfortable (and cute!) at a larger cup size. **Pipe dream to create a bra line for women like me!!
Curvy Kate, Freya, Panache are a few, but yeah, you might not find them in brick-and-mortar stores
Just wanted to add here that my CMT (certified massage therapist) has told me how bad underwire is for us! I always thought it was so uncomfortable and had stopped wearing underwire bras years ago, and found it interesting to get the medical aspect of it!
I really like Aeries SMOOTHEZ - no underwire and so comfortable.
I like ThirdLove! They have half-sizes which is perfect for me since I'm between 2 cup sizes!
I also recommend . It may not be as active as it used to be, but it looks like people on still on it. There is also the associated which crowdsources the fit of different bras and has comparations.