I am hoping that this message can reach some of you out there who would be willing to assist in my job search efforts. I was laid off in early March and prior to that I was working internally to make a pivot in my career from customer support roles to customer experience positions with a more proactive approach to customer satisfaction.

Since being laid off I have applied to over 150 positions and so far I have not had any luck. I would appreciate any connections or introductions that could be made to professionals that I could reach out to about open positions. I would be happy to follow up with anyone and send my resume or any other information needed.

I thank you all in advance!

Hello Zenzele,I am so sorry to hear this :( Applying for jobs is a big black box and sometimes it's so hard to just know what to do better. Have you been getting interviews or I guess how far into a process do you get in? If you apply and do not get invited back, I totally agree that I'd pivot my strategy and no longer apply using job boards (I relate to this because I have never been a job board type of candidates) What city are you looking? Or are you primarily remote? We have some partner companies that are hiring for customer roles if any of them speaks to you!
Hi Iyanna, I have not been getting any follow up to my applications which is part of what has motivated me to try something new. I am looking for remote or hybrid based in the Bay Area since I am planning to relocate back to Northern CA within the next year. I'm definitely going to check out the partner companies, thank you!
Ah yes! Maybe worth rethinking the job search strategy or looking for something different. I was reading somewhere that most of the roles affected were in what they call support functions (ops/hr/customer) and perhaps you know this already but maybe there’s an avenue for you to either look for new functions OR a niche where the role of customer support is crucial (can be outside of tech also) for the time being!
Hi Zenzele, please DM me as soon as possible. I'm glad to help in any way I can!
I am also looking for a permanent position (I'm currently a contractor) and am finding this job market the toughest I have seen. The people who have been able to find jobs are getting luck through networking and referrals, so please continue to do that.In regards to job boards, I've come across a lot of Customer Success positions on It's always worth finding some companies that are hiring and building your network around them.
Hi Natalie, I have definitely been enjoying using Otta myself as they do a good job of matching and suggesting positions to apply to. Hopefully both of us will have some good news coming our way soon.
Hi Zenzele,I was also laid off, although in late May rather than early March, and am experiencing the same lack of traction for customer experience/success roles. However, I'd love to help however I can - maybe I'll learn about a role that isn't right for me, but is perfect for you. Or if you'd like someone to talk to and strategize (or commiserate with), I'm here and would love to connect.Best wishes that you get some positive luck soon!