Trying to pivot unsuccessfully

I'm a 27 year old woman trying to make a change in career path, but so far I only have unanswered applications and a list of rejections to show for it. Here's a little background: I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Animal Science in 2018. I thought my path would lead me to Veterinary school, but after completing my degree I realized that just was not where I was headed. I worked as a lab animal tech briefly, before transitoning to a spay/neuter surgery center. Here I took a position as a CSR while I also gained skills to try to be the most effective Vet tech. It is important to note that the pay throughout these experiences was very low and only reasonable because I was living at home and not paying rent. Through a series of events, following Covid, I relocated states to live with my boyfriend and ended up getting a remote customer support role for a biohealth company. The pay was good and the flexibility of being remote was such a life improvement. After this I decided that I want to continue doing remote work so I was trying to work on gaining skills to change positions internally for months before eventually being laid off in March.

I know I do not want to continue seeking customer support roles and I have realized that I think CX is the road that I want to go down, however I don't know what else I can do to successfully pivot. I do not have the resources financially or the time to invest in courses. I am a highly adept person with a lot of transferrable skills and I truly believe that I possess the qualifications for the roles that I am applying to but regardless I am finding no success.

I'm hoping maybe someone will havee some advice that can be offered or related experiences that can be shared...I appreciate you all!

Hi Zenzele, I'm sorry you feel this way. I understand the challenges firsthand - I've transitioned careers five times, and each time, I was scared and unsure until I spoke to a coach three years ago. It was a turning point for me. A year after that conversation, I successfully pivoted to product partnerships at a tech startup and I'm thriving in a career I love. Now I help others find the courage to pivot to sustainable careers they love through my career transition coaching service. I'd be happy to talk through any challenges you may be facing, and explore how I can help you achieve the success and fulfillment you deserve.I'm offering a limited-time opportunity for a free 15-minute coaching session for the months of July & August. Feel free to schedule a session here
Hello @ zenzeleubakacoulter,Recently, I wrote a post about Customer roles in tech that may be useful for you: have worked in customer-facing roles in tech for > 10 years. My advise will be:1) Try applying to closely related roles like Account management or Operations. Pretty sure that you can adapt and learn what you don't know soon.2) Try joining CSM/reps communities like: Learn how to use CSM tools like ChurnZero, Catalyst or Vitally. Create free demo accounts, master the tools and add these skills to your CVGood luck
Thanks so much for the resources! I'm going to look into all of these.
Hey @zenzeleubakacoulter I don't have advice but I am in the same position and can totally relate! It is so frustrating to know that you're able to learn quickly and that you have skills that are very transferrable, and then try to explain that to someone else...or worse, in a cover letter. I hope you're able to find something soon!
I appreciate just the validation of a common experience. Sometimes it feels like it's just me going through things. Wishing you much success in your job search!
Hi @zenzeleubakacoulter, changing careers can be daunting but it IS doable! The key to pivoting is first getting clear on what direction you want to go in - be sure you do a full process of career exploration to understand and clarify which role/industry is the best direction for you – and then optimizing factors like updating personal branding materials, pursuing reputable upskilling opportunities, networking and researching to understand the role and how people break in, and having a coach/mentor/peer/etc to see any gaps and areas for opportunity. Here are some resources – Additionally, on my website I have a 7-step guide focused on how to successfully make a career pivot which will have a lot of helpful tips for you -