Looking for mentees for our *FREE* 3 month mentor program!!

Hi ladies! I'm part of a program called EMPOWR, we run a FREE female mentor pilot program aimed at female young professionals (less than 10 years of work experience). Our program takes 3 months, in which we will match you with a different mentor every month. In total you will receive 3 hours of mentoring by 3 different mentors. We have a large group of mentors containing:- VC investors- Professions- Rectors- Executives- CEO's- Governance specialists- Entrepreneurs- Consultants- Journalists- Activists And more .... Eventually we want to automize the matching process in an app. But as we are currently bootstrapping, we wanted to test our model in a pilot program first. Hence this unique opportunity to partake!! Whether you are looking for a job opportunity, want advice on leadership, grant applications, raising capital, raising children or just want to expand your network. We've got you covered :-) You can sign up here:
This is amazing @anoukmoll! Thank you for sharing ✨
I’ve applied just now!
Applied - thank you for sharing!
Thank you for sharing -- this sounds like an incredible opportunity, and I appreciate that you have representation from a number of fields!
I've been looking for something like this! Just applied!
applied :)
This is amazing !
Amazing! Thanks a lot for sharing it!
signed up! :)
This is awesome! Thank you for sharing! Signed up :)
Love this!! Can I still apply? I saw this just today.
What a cool program! For this one time I wish I had less than 10 years experience :(:)
Wow this is an amazing opportunity! A little late to the party, but I've just applied! Hope that it's still possible to participate!
I have just signed up!