How to Excel in Your New Leadership Role - Free Workshop

Starting a new leadership position?​Want to excel in your role, establish yourself as a respected leader, and earn the trust of your team?

The first 30-45 days of a new leadership position are critical for your success as a leader. If you navigate this crucial period right, you’ll set yourself up for success and establish the tone for making a meaningful impact as a trusted leader.

By approaching your job with vision and confidence, you can set the right boundaries from the beginning, preventing yourself from becoming overworked and underappreciated in your new role.

What if you could walk into your new role already confident about your future success?

Join us for an exclusive, interactive workshop where I will guide you through the strategic steps to triumph in your new role. You'll learn how to set the right tone from the start, and how to systematically and methodically achieve success in your leadership journey.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • How to excel in your new leadership role
  • Why setting the tone in the first 30-45 days is crucial
  • How to gain your team's trust and eliminate resistance or undesirable behavior from the start
  • How to earn the respect of your fellow executive committee members
  • How to establish boundaries that are easy and enjoyable to uphold from the beginning, preventing your job from consuming your entire life.

Limited spots are available for this workshop. It's not your typical leadership seminar; it's a live, engaging, and intimate session on February 13th at 2:00pm ET where you'll gain practical insights into setting the tone for your leadership, earning trust, and establishing boundaries that enhance both your professional and personal life.

DM me to secure your spot.​See you there,