Let’s generate a list of companies that work on AI projects

I'm an analyst with 6 months of full-time work experience in data analytics. I have completed multiple internships mainly in web development and software engineering during my undergrad. I'm looking for opportunities to build a career in AI. I really like building machine learning models and am passionate about AI in general. The only companies that I know that works on AI projects are major tech companies like Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, Amazon, and MongoDB. Do you know any companies -- other than these ones and it doesn't have to be tech -- that works on this kind of project?

.... about 90+% of companiesCheck out PE-backed companies especially those in the software/tech space, lots of service-based businesses tryng to incorpoate more tech! So an idea is to make a list of all the PE firms out there that have are doing work in the digital/software space and look at all their portfolio cmpanies. Reach out to every single one of them with your questions.