European Remote Companies that are friendly to hiring Global Talent

Hi all! My name Maria Lopez. I come from a communications and public health research background working for purpose driven organizations over the last 7 years. I most recently led a successful social media marketing campaign that place 35 women in political leadership roles in Colombia.

I am a passionate global storyteller that believes in the power of great content not just to sell a product or service but to create human connections and build communities. I would love to connect for a brief chat with anyone in marketing and communications particularly in Madrid, Spain as I will be moving there soon (3.5 weeks). In addition, I am also applying to remote companies that are open to global talent not only US citizens or US residents in the tech/creative industry. Some of the companies I am looking at are Netflix, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Zoom. In addition, I am also in the research for fully remote companies that are friendly to European time and that actually hire global talent. I say this because a lot of remote companies in the USA or elsewhere specifically ask that you are US citizen or resident.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn: