📣New publication on tech through a gender lenshttps://every.to/glassy/welcome

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signed up today and so excited to read it! I definitely think there's a coverage gap in business and tech, and am excited to see the industry explored through a gendered lens.in particular, would love to see a deeper exploration of intersectional identities in tech, hearing more from innovative female and nonbinary leaders (celebrating their wins, too!), and coverage on the downstream effects of baking gender bias into products because of who creates them, like problematic algorithms.thanks for covering such an important vertical!
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Can't wait to read your publication Taylor! So great that you're working with Dan too, and that you're also here on Elpha!Particularly I can't wait to read about your thoughts on "gender discrimination lawsuits", eg. the approach taken by high-profile cases like Pinterest's ex-COO and Carta's ex-marketing VP, contrasted with others who may or may not have the same resources or be in the perfect concoction of circumstances to sue billion-dollar companies, eg. Google's researcher Timnit Gebru (I could be wrong but last I checked, it was a relatively quiet exit with no lawsuit).
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Yes, I'm definitely digging into this. More to come soon!