Need Talent Acquisition Help?! Lean on me!

Hi Elpha community!

I wanted to pop by and introduce myself as I am bit newer to this community. I am a female entreprenuer and I started my own recruiting agency about 2.5 years ago. The name of the agency is People's People and I really pride myself on being an embedded recruiter who can helps teams scale quickly at a much affordable rate than some other agencies out there.

The reason why I wanted to reach out and introduce myself is because I have seen so many candidates struggle in this market and I know layoffs have been happening left and right. I am seeing a lot of LinkedIn post about how people have been applying and applying while constantly getting faced with rejection letters. This breaks my heart because I see a lot of companies no longer place candidate experience at the forefront of the recruiting process.

I wanted to reach out and say, #1. I see you and #2. I am here to help review a resume, help with interview prep or just be a shoulder to lean on should you need some advice / support from someone who has been focused on talent acquisition (specifically for startup's) for the last ~7 years.

Please reach out if you need a helping hand. I'm here!

*If you are currently working at a company that is hiring and you need to find high quality candidates quickly too, I'd love to connect. I've got an amazing network that I can share. :)

Sending love and light!