I made a free site to crowdsource the best recs to cities around the world.

I had a flash of inspiration a couple weeks ago, and couldn’t stop coding for a week. I'm a digital nomad and constantly trying to find recs for the best cafes, things to do, etc.

There are so many online groups giving amazing recs, but then they get lost.

On the other hand, you have listicles of 50 best things to do, but they’re listed in no particular order, and you don’t know what’s there for filler vs what’s truly great!

So I built a free site for crowdsourcing the best recs to cities around the world. In the first two weeks people have added nearly 100 recs, and many hundreds of upvotes. Here are some of the top cities:

You can add recs to any city in the world, and I'd love to see yours 💖 This is a totally free passion project, made by one dev/! I'm likely a permanomad, so I want to create an amazing community of people that give and get the best recs on the internet!

All ears for your thoughts, ideas, and feedback!