10 out of 10 lifestyle

A question that my husband and I have been asked by our mentor that has really got our minds running wild is,

"if time and money where not a factor,
what would you do with your time?"

So let me ask you? If time and money were not a factor, what would you do with your time?

I would 100% be travelling and volunteering, likely in SE Asia ☀️
That sounds amazing!
Alpaca farm!
That is amazing! What do you like about alpacas?
They have the cutest faces, and they make the BEST yarn.
What I'm doing now, just at a larger scale. The only thing I'd change is I'd spend more on going to conferences because I love them and they are so expensive.
Cool! What do you do at the moment Briana?
I'd be all over the 54 countries of Africa meeting, helping and investing in founders !
I’d be doing what I’m doing now, which is building my company, only I wouldn’t have to earn a living while doing it 🥰 Also I’d travel. A lot.
Larissa, that is a wonderful goal! What is your company?
Thank you! We’re an app development company building apps to lessen life admin and give us back our time, currently focused on a Fintech product which begins with short term savings but will become much more. The ultimate goal is a fully customisable ‘Life OS’ for all those dumb admin things that we all have to do but we all hate doing 😂 It’s tech focused on what is commonly seen as ‘women’s work’ and thus has been largely ignored until now and we are all women and AFAB non-binary folks building it 🦄 I just WISH I could do it full-time. We all do 😭
Oh wow! That sounds amazing.
I’d spend a year doing with no plans, just the intention to reset my baseline and learn to live with minimal stress.
This is amazing. That's what I did in 2019, in a 6 months timeline. Highly recommend!
Anna that’s amazing! Do you have any advice on how to plan financially for an experience like that?
Hi Emily! Yes, def happy to chat about that. Financially I prepared by saving, both in cash and in digital. I knew about how much I would spend each month of my travels so budgeted to save the total amount needed to travel a certain length of time. Digit is an app that auto-saves for you, so that helps, i can send you a referral for it. Also, saving in cash at home helped too. Happy to chat more, I love talking about this experience. Feel free to DM me and we can setup a time to talk.
Hi Emily. I’m working with my mentor on this very thing at the moment. My husband and I are working towards debt freedom (aka no debt) and both being stay at home parents. Would love to chat more about it if you like.