Help Identify the job I am describing....


I am the CPO and VP of R&D at a small start up.

I am looking to recruit what I would call a "Sparing Partner". That is someone I can brainstorm with all day, discuss and discect the market, identify opportunities, talk to customers and map out moon-shots.

I am having a hard time figuring out what title(s) of roles I should be posting. I feel like it should be something like Head of Innovation? Strategy? Product Development?

We have a product manager, new business team, engineering, sales, product marketing.

I think the closest would be a product manager, but often I see this as someone that can run with an idea, outline the requirements and work with engineering to deliver it. I am looking for someone that's more creative, entrepreneurial, innovative.

Would love any advice and or pointers to roles/descriptions.

Thanks in advance,


Hey Sharon - just shot you a DM! This is very much my remit & I would be happy to hop on a call and help however I can. :)
This sounds like a Skunkworks, as in, a completely separate department/role that doesn't report into the regular organization. Usually you'd see it in a larger org. In a small org, you might not want or need this role full time, but rather it might be an outside consultant or innovation specialist or facilitator that you hire for a specific amount of time.
Thanks! This is a helpful framework.
COO, CoS or inhouse Entrepreneur?
Hi Sharon, indeed that sounds to me like a Head of Strategy or Business Development.